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Vitamin C 1000mg (which can also be referred to as ascorbic acid), is abundant in fruits and vegetables. It is a water-soluble vitamin as well as a powerful antioxidant that helps the human body and also maintain connective tissue, which includes bones, blood vessels, and skin.
Vitamin C 1000 mg is among the top vitamins for immune system support, as well as one of the best vitamin antioxidants for combating free radicals. Vitamin C is essential for human beings and mammals as well. Vitamin C is required for the growth and repair of tissues in the body, however, since our body cannot store Vitamin C in its tissues, it needs quality Vitamin C dietary supplement to fill in space on daily basis it for healthy living.
Research shows that vitamin C can help reduce the chances of having cancers through combating free radicals and it also helps in neutralizing the effects of nitrites (preservatives present in several packed foods that could raise the threat of certain kinds of cancer). Vitamin C supplement may also reduce the period, signs and symptoms of a common cold, help delay and prevent cataracts, and support healthy immune function. Indications of a vitamin C deficiency includes fatigue, muscle weakness, joint and muscle pains, bleeding gums, and leg rashes. Extended deficiency may cause scurvy; an unusual, however, potentially severe ailment.

Advantages :-

Helps with the following:
Common Cold
Weight Loss
Heart Disease
Production Of Collagen
Wounds or skin injury
Skin Discolouration:
Fights Dandruff
Greying Of Hair


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