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Vitamin A is an essential fat-soluble source of nourishment that performs a vital function in healthy vision, growth, bone development, reproduction, immune functions and also healthy epithelial tissues. There exists research proof to suggest that a higher dietary ingestion of vitamin A reduces breast cancer and cataracts risk. Vitamin A supplement is used as a remedy for measles and also dry eye in individuals with low degrees of vitamin A.
Vitamin A has been studied as a remedy for several other medical conditions such as leukemia, cancers, cataracts, and HIV, to name a few. There are two kinds of vitamin A- Retinoid, which is the active form of vitamin A that comes from animal products and secondly Beta-carotene which originates from plants.
Most people obtain sufficient vitamin A from their diets; however in a situation where vitamin A obtained through diet is not enough for the body, Vitamin A dietary supplement is necessary.


Promotes healthy skins and fights acne
Reducing appearance of wrinkles
Eases symptoms of measles
Prevents developing cataracts, macular degeneration and glaucoma
Keeps mucous membranes healthy
Increases resistance to cancer
Effective for treatment of pneumonia
Inhibits production of DNA in cancerous cells
Slow down tumor growth and leukemia
Fights viral diseases
Prevent stroke and heart attacks


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