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LECITHIN 1200mg is formulated from Lecithin, which is a fatty compound generated by the body’s cells which are also present in egg yolk, peanuts, liver, fruit, and vegetables. As human grow older, the body produces less choline which is an element of lecithin that helps with liver cleansing. Choline enhances degrees of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine, which helps muscle tissue regulation and memory functions.
Lecithin can be utilized as a tool to assist the human body to recuperate from ailments as well as functions as a preventative agent. People with a background of any neurological or coronary heart illness might take lecithin as a health supplement to lessen their chances of a persistent issue. Furthermore, individuals with a hereditary track record indicating certain conditions may use lecithin for preventive purposes. The health supplement lecithin should be taken frequently for maximum health benefits. The preferred result of a lecithin dietary supplement are visible when taking it in normal doses; however, overdose can lead to various alarming conditions.


It helps with the followings
Cardiovascular benefits
Protects cells
Repair liver and protects arteries
Healthy memory functions
Reproductive Health of Men
Healthy Breasts in Women
Reducing stress


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