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Valerian obtained its name from the Latin word “valere” which means “to make strong”; the Roman emperor Valerianus, including many saints, take their name from this Latin derivative. A further translation of valerian is “to be in good health.” Valerian has been so much treasured way back for its medicinal health benefits that made it to be tagged, as the “all-heal.” Also popularly known for its sedative and calmness effects, Valerian is a traditional sleep enhancer and medication for anxiety and depression.
Valerian Root 530mg is formulated from Valerian root which is also known as garden valerian, tobacco root, and garden helotripe and so on. It is a perennially growing herb that can reach a height of over 4 feet. Valerian is grown and harvested for its many health benefits; this made it grow to be a commercially cultivated product and no longer requires a damp, rich habitat to grow. The root and rhizome of valerian are remedies that are very effective in treating a broad range of health conditions, which includes insomnia, depression, pain, and stress-related digestive disorders. At this moment valerian is an accepted health supplement used to cure many health conditions. It can be easily obtained in supermarkets, pharmacies, as well as health food stores.


Enhances restful sleep
Reduces Stress
Helps calm the mind
Helps with arthritis,
Helps with muscle pain
Assist in resolving digestion issues
Relaxes tensed muscles
Helps with menstrual cramps


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