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Selenium 200mcg dietary supplement is an extract from a health-benefit mineral discovered in the soil as well as in certain foods; however, it is also found in minimal amounts in water. Selenium is a remarkably vital mineral for the entire body because it boosts immunity, takes part in the antioxidant process that defends against free radical harm as well as inflammation, and performs an important function in sustaining a more healthy metabolic process.
Research has shown that a substantial dosage of selenium like 200mg per day is efficient in safeguarding DNA which can help reduce the danger for cell mutation as well as cancer development. According to findings, ingesting sufficient selenium offers beneficial antiviral effects, this which is vital for successful male and female fertility and reproduction, and it also minimizes the risk of cancer, autoimmune and thyroid diseases.
Selenium can perform such a protective function within our body since it enhances antioxidant functions as well as the quality of blood circulation, hence reinforcing the body’s resistance to diseases and also stress. Selenium is widely acknowledged for its role in the antioxidant task which subdues free radical harm and inflammation. This means that selenium is of great benefit to your body by helping to prevent common forms of cancer, to fight off viruses, defend against heart disease, and to slow down symptoms correlated with other serious conditions like asthma.


Antioxidants Word Cloud
Fight against Cancer
Boosts Immunity
Improves Blood Flow
Lowers Chance of Heart Disease
Helps Reduce Asthma Symptoms
Helps Boost Fertility


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