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Magnesium dietary supplement is a strong mineral component that is vital for human's healthy bone structure. People often get magnesium from their diet, but when the required amount needed is not available, thus making its benefit in the body lacking. Therefore, dietary supplements are necessary to get the useful health function going.
MAGNESIUM 500mg provides over hundred percent of the daily required amount for this essential mineral in just one tablet it is vital for supporting bone health and as well performs an important role in enhancing bone functions.
Our MAGNESIUM 500mg also help with muscle contractions, nerve impulses, energy metabolism and protein formation. Studies also show that Magnesium is amongst the most abundant mineral in the human body and it is essential for bone, muscles and nerve health. So, why not go for our MAGNESIUM 500mg today to experience it excellent health benefit it offers.


Corrects Deficiency
Cardiovascular Benefits
Lower risk of Diabetes
Helps high blood pressure during pregnancy
Helps supports nerve, heart and muscle function
Supports healthy bones and teeth
Essential in converting food into cellular energy
Helps restore healthy levels of magnesium in adults
Combat Migraines
Fights Depression
Reduces Your Risk of Diabetes


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