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LYCOPENE 10mg is derived from a carotenoid present in tomatoes; and which functions as an antioxidant. Lycopene, a member of the carotenoid pigment family, is common in humans and found in the blood and tissues. Carotenoids include at least 600 pigments, most of which provide bright colours to various plants. Lycopene gives tomatoes and other fruits and vegetables a red color while serving primarily to protect cells from photosensitization and to aid in photosynthesis.
Lycopene 10mg are meant to safeguard the cells from free radicals that exist in the human system. As a potent antioxidant, Lycopene helps prevent damage to cellular structures within the body. A Recent scientific study confirms Lycopene as an important dietary supplement for men who want to be secured from prostate health. Lycopene dietary supplement is very potent with antioxidant, this which makes it a superior prostate prevention as well as supporting heart functions, balancing of blood sugar amongst many other benefits


Super antioxidant
Superior prostate protection
Supports cardiovascular function
Helps balance blood sugar


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