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L-Glutamine500 mg
Glutamine is considered to be the sufficient amino acid within the human body (amino acids, which acts as the platform for protein. Glutamine is produced within the human body and is dispersed through the bloodstream to the organs that need it to function effectively. Glutamine helps with stomach and intestines function, immune system, and other vital processes within the body, particularly in times of stress. Additionally, it is necessary for providing energy (nitrogen and carbon) to various cells in the body. Glutamine is required to make other chemical substances within the body, such as other amino acids and glucose (sugar).
People that involves themselves in intense exercise or workout can reduce their glutamine levels, which causes stress to their body and also immune systems. For this reason, using glutamine supplement is vital for a serious-minded athlete, individuals challenged with muscle loss, or who desires to maintain maximum immune function under stressful condition. Glutamine dietary supplements trigger a sudden increase in cellular glutamine levels and glutamine in muscle.
Additionally, L-glutamine’s main function in the body is to help with detoxification by purifying the human body from high levels of ammonia. It acts as a buffer and transforms excess ammonia into additional amino acids and glucose. L-Glutamine500 mg dietary supplements are best taken after or right before exercises activities.

Promotes digestive and brain health
Enhance muscle growth
Improve athletic performance
Fights cancer and high blood sugar
Promotes gastrointestinal health
Helps with ulcers
Improves metabolism and cellular detoxification
Curbs cravings for sugar and alcohol
Improves diabetes and blood sugar


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