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GREEN TEA EXTRACT 315MG is formulated from a medicinal green plant which contains numerous antioxidants and agents which are capable of positively impacting the wellbeing and functionality of the body. It is known as an efficient source of antioxidants; this same beneficial compound is present in vegetables, fruits and so on. Green tea extract is recognized as a health-promoting tonic for hundreds of years. In the Far East as well as several parts of the world, it has is usually applied as a way to enhance long life, energy, and vigor. The leaf also boosts the presence of antioxidant as well as other notable healing substances such as fluoride, catechins, and tannins that helps the human body.
Green tea, also, has been found out to be effective in raising metabolism for weight loss, preventing and combating cancer as well as other diseases with its unique antioxidants. It has an extensive list of potential amazing benefits which is includes being used to regulate blood sugar and blood pressure, enhance the immune system, prevent ulcers, control inflammation, cold, and flu, prevents gum disease, cavities, and offensive breath odor. It is also used for reducing cholesterol, preventing heart disease, osteoporosis, and blood clots.

It helps with the following:
Weight Loss
Prevent cancer
Reduced cancer risk
Skin Cancer
Prostate cancer
Treat Arthritis
Gum disease
Colds and flu
Heart disease


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